To produce, make-up remover pads use a lot of water. Moreover, they're only used once. Therefore, they aren't very ecologic friendly.

So, we decided to make a product advocating zero waste and can help you to be more ├ęcologic : make-up remover pads.

Our cottons are made by hand. They can be used, just like make-up removever pads, for your face (clean your face, remove make-up, apply lotion ...).

Our cottons are made by us. They can be used, just like wadding discs, for all facials (clean your face, remove make-up, apply lotion ...).

The cottons measure approximately 8 cm. We offer two types of fabrics: bamboo and organic cotton.

The cottons are machine washable as well as hand washable.

We sell our pack of 4 cottons for 12€.

All profits will be donated to the association: The ocean cleanup.


Here's how we make your cottons:

  1. We cut the roll of cloth into strips measuring 8 cm by 16 cm.
  2. We fold each strip in half, which means we do not have to sew one side. We sew two of the remaining three sides, then, we turn the cotton. Finally, we close the cottons by performing the last seam.
  3. We wrap a piece of ribbon and a business card around four cottons to form a small package.

Sale location

There is no more sale planned but it is possible to buy our cottons online on this page.